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Proven in our Performance

Skillfully, deliberately, consistently - Teli-Force is no casual observer to the world of voice-related contact solutions. Our track record tells the story of an active participant. Purposeful in our approach, we've continuously invested in our call center facilities, technologies and people to allow us to be true to our word in the recommendations we make, the services we deliver and the promises we keep.

As the result of our own focused growth, we have acquired a powerful arsenal of resources. But it's not enough to possess the very best technology, the most robust systems or the most talented people.

At Teli-Force, we understand how to apply these resources in the right combinations, with the skill and precision that ensures the best possible outcomes and most cost-effective results.

Here's just a few of the reasons why today's leading companies choose Teli-Force to handle their customer contact solutions:

  • Proven hiring and training techniques
  • Flexible methods and systems that optimize agent scheduling
  • Extensive, informative and accurate program reporting
  • Comprehensive monitoring solutions to improve customer interactions

At every step, in every application, across all industries and specialties, Teli-Force brings its experience and expertise into play. Through our industry-leading technologies and systems, our people have the tools they need to remain responsive in every situation.
Customization to any degree and every need.

Teli-Force is not only the leading provider of voice-related, telemarketing solutions, we're also the most adept. As such, we're able to respond, at virtually a moment's notice, to changes in call volumes, the onset of natural disasters and emergency situations.

We routinely bring highly specialized sales teams and customer care personnel up to speed and online according to the most demanding timelines. Even after their training, we continue to monitor and assess their performance to ensure the highest quality - in their rapport with customers and their ability to meet expectations.

We measure, analyze and report our results to fine-tune the execution of customer care programs, in order to generate every last opportunity from every effort. And we provide you with the ability to utilize this information within your own systems and applications - to support decision-making and planning.

Telemarketing Services

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